2020: Presentation of Ribbons From Munich Wreath

Members from the MMMF Pat Burns, Tony Crook, Mike Grogan and Brian Mulholland met with Rose Cook Monk of the Duncan Edwards Foundation (DEF) to present the ribbons from the fans wreath laid in Munich in February 2020.

Pat Burns said: “Every year the MMMF donates the ribbons from the fans wreath, laid in Trudering Munich at the anniversary memorial service, to a deserving recipient. We focus on The Babes, their families, and our heroes of Munich. Previous recipients have included Harry Gregg and the family of Jimmy Murphy.

We wish the ribbons from this year’s memorial service on 6th February 2020 to be donated to the Duncan Edwards Foundation, for display in the new museum, in memory of Duncan. Rose, it gives me enormous pleasure to donate this to you in memory of Duncan for your Foundation and museum.”

Tony Crook added: “The inscription reads: In Loving Memory of ‘Our Duncan’. Ribbons from the Fans Wreath, laid at Trudering, Munich on 6th February 2020. Never Forgotten ❤. Presented to the Duncan Edwards Foundation (DEF) by the Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation (MMMF)”.

Rose said what an honour and privilege it was for her to receive the ribbons on behalf of the Edwards family and the DEF.