This year, the MMMF chose to donate the ribbons from the fans wreath laid in Trudering Munich on 6th February 2021 to Mick Taylor, nephew of Tommy Taylor. Mick has been a great supporter of the MMMF, travelling to Manchester from his home in Spain to attend the fundraising dinner in the past.

Due to the pandemic, and with the uncertainty still ahead, Brian Mulholland of the MMMF presented the ribbons to Mick whilst on holiday in Spain. Below is a video of the presentation which was held at The Lime bar in Alicante.

Tommy Taylor is now added to the list of previous recipients, which includes: Harry Gregg, Jimmy Murphy and Duncan Edwards.

The inscription on the mounting inside the frame reads:THE MUNICH RIBBONS (laid 6th February 2021 in Trudering Munich). IN LOVING MEMORY OF “THE SMILING EXECUTIONER” TOMMY TAYLOR


Presented to Mick Taylor by the Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation MMMF