The MMMF were sadly forced to cancel our annual memorial service in Trudering, Munich on February 6th 2021 due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.

This decision was taken in early January and followed lengthy discussions with our friends in Munich. This was regrettable but deemed both sensible and necessary. Subsequent restrictions have reaffirmed that this was the correct decision.

However, with much appreciated help from our two children’s charities based in Munich, we have been able to arrange (through the CEOs from both organisations, Herr. Oliver Groth from Pikassio Libero and Herr. Rudiger Heid from Buntkicktgut) to pay our respects and by having our friends in Munich lay the fans wreath on all our behalf this year.

Here are photos and videos of the wreath laying commemoration that took place today at Manchesterplatz in Trudering, Munich

Oliver Groth, CEO Pikassio Libero, said “The guys from Pikassio Libero were honoured and proud to attend Manchesterplatz today to pay our respects and to lay the fans wreath on behalf of the MMMF and all MUFC fans. On behalf of Libero and all the young boys and men being part of the project, we would like to thank the MMMF for the ongoing support you‘ve been showing us since 2018. To every MUFC Fan, Member and friend who has in any way given to and supported the MMMF, even in these hard and weary times, thank you so much, we will never forget”

Oliver, Felix and Jordi from Libero. Rudiger Heid, CEO Buntkicktgut, posted a short video

God bless Sir Matt, The Babes, Jimmy and Harry and all the victims, survivors and their families