Rechts Der Isar Presentation

Following the 61st anniversary memorial service, members of the MMMF accompanied the Red Docs Munich to the Rechts Der Isar hospital in Munich.

At a private function, Eva Schuster from the hospital was presented with commemorative Munich prints signed by Harry Gregg MBE OBE by Dr Mark Salzmann from the Red Docs Munich (gifted by the MMMF at the Gala Dinner last November). These will be hung in the hospital alongside artwork presented last year commemorating the 60th anniversary.

Eva Schuster said “I am still very touched by the photos signed by Harry Gregg. We will put them on the wall together with the artworks”.

UPDATE: June 2023: A “donated by the MMMF” plaque has been added to the wall next to the signed print that was donated by the MMMF back in February 2019. Thanks to MMMF ex-chairman Pat Burns for organising the plaque.