Following our hugely successful charity fundraising dinner last week at Old Trafford, the MMMF has made donations of £5,000 each to our four charities:

  • Depaul Homeless Children’s Charity in Manchester
  • Pikassio Libero Munich
  • Buntkicktgut Munich
  • FK Studentski Grad in Belgrade

We have been able to do this thanks to the incredible generosity of the United Family. Together, we remember our beloved Busby Babes.


Following our 2022 Just Giving campaign, supported by a residual balance from our sponsorship agreement with Headley Media Ltd, we have been able to donate a further £2000.00 to each charity. Huge thanks to everyone who has generously donated to us to enable us to do this in memory of our beloved Busby Babes

Response From Dragan Hrelja, FK Studentski Grad (March 2022)

Dear Patrick, Dear friends from MMMF, Dear MU fans,

We, from University Football Club “Studentski grad”, are speechless… We really cannot explain to ourselves how we deserve this!

We are already immensely grateful for the help you have provided so far… And then, you came with this… We simply do not know how to thank you.

Of course, any help is welcome to our amateur club and we will do everything, as before, to justify your help.

Now, with your generous help, we are covered with equipment (balls, jerseys, shorts, socks, tracksuits, bibs, jackets…) for all selections.

As we told Patrick earlier, we don’t have auxiliary goals, nets for goals, small goals and other aids that can help us in training.

Also, hot weather is coming to us soon, so we will need equipment for training in warm weather…

Of course, we will talk about that in the club about what we need the most, so we will let you know soon.

In any case, we are immensely grateful for your help!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you a thousand times!

Long live MU! Long live MMMF!

Response From Jordi, Oliver and Felix from the Pikassio Libero Project (March 2022)

Dear Patrick and friends at the MMMF,

Again we want to thank you so much for the ongoing support and efforts, we really appreciate it and it helps us a lot for our project.
What a generous donation in these times, it is really overwhelming, thank you !

Finally we are able to continue our libero due to milder covid restrictions, so we will start outside this Thursday with the boys..
We have some new kids who announced themselves as well as our “regulars” who can’t wait returning on the football field.

We’ll keep you updated,
thanks again from your libero Team
never forget
Oliver, Felix and jordi


Response from Carly Lyes, Learning & Development Manager Depaul UK (October 2021)

Oh wow Pat, that is absolutely incredible! I’m overwhelmed, thank you so so much. This will be such a huge help to so many young people, on behalf of everyone at Depaul thank you so much, this is amazing news. I hope to be able to thank you in person soon. Best regards Carly

Response from Beth Lowe, Depaul UK (October 2021)

Hi Pat. This is such incredible news, thank you so much! What an amazing donation, we are so appreciative of this wonderful support for Depaul and the young people we work with. Beth also forwarded on a letter that she has given us permission to share (see below)

Response From Jordi, Oliver and Felix from the Pikassio Libero Project (October 2021)

Dear Patrick, Dear friends and supporters from the MMMF

Wow, we are speechless, for now we just want to give a short feedback/reply, to say a big THANK YOU. We will think of a form to give you some individual feedback together with the youths, thanks again on behalf of the project and the young boys and men participating in it. We want to emphasize the gracious giving from all the supporters to your cause, in times like these (brexit, corona, …) that surely aren’t easy for anyone. This is all but evidently, so again we are very touched and feel very special from this big gesture. We will keep you and the MMMF family in our hearts and minds – NEVER FORGET. 

Response from Rudiger Heid, CEO Buntkicktgut Munich (October 2021)

Hello Patrick, I am fine as well as Matthias and most of the buntkicktgut family.

I confirm that we received your donation of £5000,00 repectively €5.842,09 in the first week of November, and we did so with in a hot excitement and big applause! I am delighted that you are organising such a very special fundraising dinner in these difficult times.

Please express our heartfelt thanks to all friends and participants at the gala as well as to all Man United supporters. This large sum can really help us in these hard times. We will continue to move the children and young people of Munich from all over the world with football on the street and in the hall as long as there is no lockdown and if it comes, then at least digitally.

You’re right, looks like a tough winter is ahead of us. It is times like these that are made for us to stand together – Manchester Munich United! Please let me know if you need any further confirmation in the form of an official donation receipt for your reports or the tax office. Thanks a lot again ! Kind regards

Rüdiger & the buntkicktgut family