We are delighted to be able to inform you that the UK Charities Commission has just accepted the constitution and application of the MMMF, to be a recognised Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with full Charity status. This is a very very proud day for everyone connected with the MMMF.

The MMMF has been operating since 2018 as a registered Not for Profit Limited Company. A new board of Trustees were elected in January 2020 and we formally applied for Charity Status as a Foundation Charitable Incorporation Organisation (CIO) to the UK Charities Commission.

This would, if successful, cement the future of the MMMF for generations to come and ensure that it would remain an integral part of our clubs history and legacy for future generations to continue. The CIO would be made up of an elected Chairman and 4 Trustee Roles, as follows:

  • Pat Burns – Chairman
  • Tony Crook – Vice-Chairman and Secretary
  • Mike Thomas – Communications
  • Pat Burns – Fundraiser
  • Pat Burns – Finance Officer (UPDATE: January 2021: Mark Holt replaced Pat Burns as Finance Officer)

In the event of a successful application, we had successfully approached two of our legendary United families, the Greggs and the Murphy’s, and they were both happy to be future Patrons of the Charity. The patrons of the MMMF (CIO) are: Jane GREGG and Nick MURPHY.

Jane is the daughter of Harry and Nick is Jimmy’s son. We are also very lucky to have the next generation family members on tbe working committee. 

The MMMF’s Charity Number is 1192487