The MMMF became a UK registered Charity in November 2020. We have subsequently ceased trading as a “Not for Profit” limited company, thus avoiding ongoing tax liability on donations and profits.

As a result, each year, our Chairman Pat Burns is legally obliged to make an annual report to the Charity Commission.

In addition, as we generate in excess of £25,000.00 turnover a year, we must have our accounts professionally and independently audited and assured per financial regulation.

The MMMF has been built up by the Chairman and the Board of Trustees on the pillars of integrity, honesty and transparency and fans and donors are most welcome to read Pat’s annual report, now lodged at the Charity Commission when it is published. Just search under our number 1192487.

Here you can also see our own year’s accounts and our Accountants validation report on them.

The headline is that for the operating year Nov 2020/Nov 2021, 97% of all donated monies generated through our activities were translated into charitable payments made to the organisations we support in Manchester Munich and Belgrade.

When Pat says that we take no renumeration for the work we do, he really means it as you can see from the accounts.