On behalf of all MUFC fans, donations, of either funds or sports goods to same value, have been made to our two charities in Munich. Both charities are incredibly grateful for the support and have given us feedback to share with fans.

Rudiger Heid, CEO of Buntkicktgut said:

I don’t know how to express my appreciation! Be sure that the donation will help the kids of buntkicktgut not only in a financial but also in a mental way when they learn to be supported by the fans of this unique English Club of Manchester United.

We hope and we wish that you will communicate our thanks and friendship to the fans of Manchester United FC. This friendship will last forever and I’m sure that we will be able to visit Manchester and Old Trafford with a group of our childs one day”.

Oliver Groth, CEO Pikassio Libero said:

“We are more than hyped and thankful for your ongoing support.
Getting those sport kits, will help our charity and our children a lot.

Thank you all so much from Oliver, Jordi, Felix and all the boys at Pikassio libero”.