Born 27th October 1932
Died 16th February 2020

Today we commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the death of Harry Gregg OBE. Harry was a great supporter of the Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation – MMMF. Indeed, it was at Harry’s specific request that we should try and undertake some charitable work for young people in Belgrade. He was all too aware that the City of Belgrade had remained largely overlooked in relation to the disaster of Munich.We were honoured to be able to do this in memory of The Babes and on behalf of Harry and his family.

Today, we support FK Studentski Grad in Belgrade Serbia, an underage club tied to the University of Belgrade. Today we remember Harry, our friend, our hero, our legend. Our thoughts and prayers are with Carolyn, Jane (our Patron) Danny (MMMF) and all the Gregg family. We will never forget everything you did for our club in its darkness hours and when in its greatest need.

Along with Jimmy Murphy, you Harry, with Billy Foulkes and Sir Bobby Charlton were our rocks, our pillars, our beacons of hope. You were hugely influential and responsible for us rising out of the ashes of Munich to becoming European Cup winners just a decade later. Whenever we now speak in memory of The Babes, Sir Matt and Jimmy Murphy, we now include you Harry. You will never be forgotten by us.

Rest in Peace Harry. God Bless