It is with such sadness and sorrow that the MMMF has learned of the sudden loss of our great friend and benefactor, Harry Gregg. Harry asked us to try and do some charitable work in Belgrade, which we have successfully started. This will continue.

Whenever we speak of The Babes, Sir Matt or Jimmy in future, we will now include Harry. For us, and many of you, he was our hero, our legend, the true hero of Munich. Such a humble man, he would never allow us to say this in front of him but we all know, in our hearts it is true.

RIP Harry. HERO. LEGEND. FRIEND. We will never forget you


Video courtesy of ITV News / Granada Reports

On Friday 21st February 2020, Pat Burns and Gerry Rhoades-Brown represented the MMMF at Harrys funeral. The funeral was a wonderful tribute to the life of this outstanding man. The people of Coleraine were magnificent and epitomised the love and respect they have for Harry.

The family have very kindly allowed the MMMF to have a wreath (photos below) placed at the graveside (by the family) on the following day.

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