During the last 12 months, since the pandemic started, the MMMF had ceased all fundraising. We felt this was the right and proper thing to do in the circumstances.

We had been able to make substantial donations to each of our 4 charities from funds already held in February 2020, just prior to the onset of the crisis.

However, as a result of a single generous donation from a die hard MUFC fan late in 2020, we have been able to support our (following) children’s charities again this February with some much needed support, for which we are very thankful:

  • Depaul Homeless children in Manchester
  • FK Studentski Grad, Belgrade
  • Buntkicktgut, Munich
  • Pikassio Libero, Munich

Here is what they have said in response:

Beth Lowe, North West Regional Fundraiser for Depaul UK:

Many thanks for your email, this is great news! It really means so much to us that the MMMF continue to support Depaul and the young people we support. Thank you. Many thanks again, we really appreciate this generous donation and we are so grateful for your support.

A letter from Beth is attached below…

On behalf of everyone at Depaul UK, we’d like to sincerely thank the Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation for your incredibly generous donation of £1,250 in support of the work we do to help vulnerable young people who face homelessness.

Thank you so much for this kind donation. Your generous support can make such a difference to the lives of young people who arrive at our services needing our help.

Becoming homeless is an emotional and terrifying experience for anyone, let alone when you are facing it young and alone, and during a global pandemic. Every day I see the impact we can make thanks to supporters like you. This donation will help disadvantaged and vulnerable young people like Joshua to avoid the dangers of rough sleeping, giving them a safe place to stay:

“I was working in construction but when COVID started, my manager told me there was no work. The last day of work was actually my birthday.
It affected my relationship with my family quite dramatically. I had a fight with my brother and went to my friend’s place. The next morning, I went home and the locks were changed. The council said they couldn’t help me because, due to COVID, there was no one in the building. That’s when I knew that I was on my own.

I was sleeping on a park bench. I had no money, and most nights for three months I was wandering the streets. One night I woke up and there was someone next to me who ran off with my bag. I was scared for my life.

Depaul helped me find housing and work. They helped me get my uniform for my new job. They helped me sort out my CV. Without this help, I wouldn’t have got this job. It’s warehouse work, which I’m enjoying. My hopes and goals for next year are to get back into construction. To start being happy. To start living life again

Thank you for your support. You are giving the growing numbers of young people who face homelessness each year hope for the future to overcome the hurdles they face and fulfil their potential.

Together we can be there for young people and help end homelessness.

With warmest wishes,
Beth Lowe
Regional Engagement – Depaul UK

Carly Lyes, NW head of training:

Hi Pat, that’s excellent news, thank you so much 🙂 I don’t think we were expecting anything given the pandemic and the cancellation of the dinner so that is absolutely fantastic, thank you all so so much x

Dragan Hrelja, U18 manager, FK Studentski Grad, Belgrade:

Thanks a lot to you and to all our friends in MMMF. This time we have been able to provide much needed match kit and a lot of additional training wear/gear for our under 18’s team.

Oliver Groth, CEO Pikassio Libero, Munich:

On behalf of Libero and all the young boys and men being part of the project, we would like to thank the MMMF for the ongoing support you‘ve been showing us since 2018.

To every MUFC Fan, Member and friend who has in any way given to and supported the MMMF, even in these hard and weary times, thank you so much, we will never forget❤️🤍🖤

Oliver, Felix and Jordi from Libero

Rudiger Heid, CEO Buntkicktgut, Munich:

I hope you are fine as well as all our Manchester friends. Thank you for your messages, the good ones and the sad ones. No meeting and memorial celebration this year due to coronavirus conditions, that‘s the very sad one. The good and powerful one is that you had the energy to collect money for both of your partner organisations in Munich, Picassio and Buntkicktgut.

Thanks a lot for that and let‘s look forward to our next meeting at least in February 2022 or hopefully earlier this year if we will be able to arrange a match around the MMMF shield between our teams of Picassio and Buntkicktgut.


UPDATE: MONDAY 22nd FEBRUARY: Email from Rudiger Heid, CEO Buntkicktgut, Munich:

Hello Patrick, thanks for your information. The donation arrived on our account today. We are very happy and we will make sure that your support will assist buntkicktgut to achieve our common goals. Please pass on our very best wishes to our friends at ManUnited and at the Manchester Munich Memorial Foundation along with a heartfelt thank you.

With our best regards, Rüdiger and the buntkicktgut Team