The MMMF are honoured to announce their takeover of the organisation of the world famous Stretford Enders Reunion.

We have been enthusiastic attendees at all previous gatherings of proper Reds, as well as many of our number being recognised as recipients of the Defenders’ awards, and hope to continue its popularity and community well into the future.

The event will continue be open to Reds of all ages and sizes, celebrating the collective oral history of the greatest terrace the world has ever seen.

The Nag’s Head will continue to be our venue and we will negotiate the post-Covid landscape to make sure as many supporters as possible can be welcomed.

An event page will be set up presently on facebook so we encourage everyone to join as attendees and to spread the word through whatever channels you have access to.

We will also welcome any suggestions of songs, acts, players or any other items you would like to see so that the event remains representative of all of us as loyal supporters of the famous Man United.

We are now a registered charity and the event will provide well needed funds for our chosen charities in Manchester, Munich and Belgrade.

Finally, we would like to thank Steve for trusting us with his creation and we know we will do him, and you all, proud.