Munich 2020: Fan’s Rep Report

Kerry Rowan and her son Zach were the MMMF’s fans representatives for the 2020 remembrance ceremony in Munich. Here is a report, written by them giving their own account of their experience. Below the report is a short video interview given on the day.

Our journey began at the memorial dinner when I learned that both my son and I had been chosen to be the fans representatives in Munich for this year’s anniversary. I couldn’t believe we’d been selected, and found it very emotional as Paddy Crerand called me up and asked why I had applied, explaining to him that I was doing this for my Dad, Eric Barlass, who had passed away the previous December. 
I couldn’t wait to get home to tell Zach the news. His initial response was to ask if I was joking, and then his excitement began to build, as did mine, as the date of our departure approached. I’d had to sort a passport out for him as he’d never flown before, and though he was a little nervous he was fine on the flight.
The anniversary of the disaster fell the day after our arrival in Munich, and that afternoon we were taken to the site where the Busby Babes and the other victims lost their lives sixty two years ago. It was emotional being there and I did shed a tear or two. Then it was time to do what we’d gone there to do.
Watching Zach read the player’s names out was a proud moment for me, and he did amazingly well. I followed him by reading out the names of the other victims who also lost their lives on that tragic day, then together we laid a wreath at the foot of the memorial. 
To be involved in the ceremony was an honour and a privilege, and getting to meet everyone involved with the MMMF, and of course the extraordinary fans who had also travelled to Germany, is something I’ll never forget. The moment held an extra poignancy for me as I was following in the footsteps of my Dad who had made this journey twice himself. I know he’d be just as proud of Zach as I was, and that’s why the Busby Babes and their legacy will never be forgotten. Each generation of fans passes the flame of remembrance on to the next.
From Zach: When my mum told me we had been chosen to go to Munich, i thought she was joking. I then realised she was serious and Ii was very excited. It was my first time on a plane but it was worth it as I got to read our the players names who tragically lost their lives 62 years ago. Seeing the place where the plane came down was something that will always stay with me.  Meeting Andy Cole and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was well just amazing. Thank you so much.