The MMMF has joined forces with the following organisations to develop a multi-organisational approach to Manchester United FC on the subject of a stand or statue for Jimmy Murphy, to be sited in the confines of the Old Trafford stadium:

We believe, given our collective backing and support for this, coupled with our individual recognition by the club and our respective reputations with the club, that we would stand a much better chance of a successful hearing and outcome. Pat Burns, Chairman of the MMMF, made the announcement on behalf of all 6 organisations on this weeks Extra Time

SEPTEMBER 28th 2020: Pat Burns, Brian Mulholland and Paul Murphy from the MMMF appeared on this week’s All For United YouTube chat show. Watch it below:

AUGUST 19th 2020: The MMMF ,together with 5 other United fan groups, held a meeting with Manchester United officials on Tuesday 18th August regarding the long overdue recognition for Jimmy Murphy at Old Trafford. The meeting went very well and United will be setting up a “Legacy and Heritage” group to consider proposals .We will keep everyone updated on the progress via the website and Facebook page.

JULY 17th 2020: The 6 MUFC groups have had a response today from Manchester United agreeing to discuss our proposal for recognition for Jimmy Murphy at Old Trafford as part of a new Heritage & Legacy Committee that the Club are setting up. Encouraging news. John Gubba explains more: