Well done the TRA!! The residents of Munich, the Red Docs and the Kurt Landauer Stiftung e.V. have simply been brilliant in helping preserve and enhance the memorial in Manchesterplatz. Arrangements are currently in progress for the Munich memorial service in February and our friends in Munich are helping as always. Thanks again to the TRA for showing Munich that United fans are very grateful for all the work they do in Manchesterplatz…

13th December 2023:

Last night TRA (The Red Army) presented every visiting Bayern Munich supporter with a badge commemorating 65yrs of Munich residents taking care of the Manchesterplatz memorial in Munich and preserving the memory of the Busby Babes. The badges were attached to a postcard with the following message:

“Dear M√ľnchner, Thank you for preserving the memory of our Busby Babes. On behalf of The Red Army group (TRA) and all Manchester United supporters, please accept this small symbol of our gratitude for 65 years of goodwill shown to us. The eagle represents the Manchester United Football Club badge, used in the 1958 FA Cup final which took place less than 3 months after the Munich Air Disaster and has been adopted as the symbol of TRA.”

The idea was entirely devised and funded by TRA and 40 TRA members took time off work today to attach the badges to every seat in the visitors’ section. TRA have a good relationship with groups from Bayern (as well as others in Europe) and both groups met & drank together last night before the match.